Monday, March 28, 2011


How do you like to keep your schedule organized?  Do you like keeping it in your phone, computer, on a big board in the kitchen or in a calendar?  I used to like keeping it in my phone, but after a while I got tired and longed for the days of having it hand written so I could feel some accomplishment of checking things off my list and schedule.  I discovered momAgenda a few years ago and found them so useful (I wasn't even a Mom at that point and still loved them!)

What I like about the day planner is that there is a place on each day for you to jot down what dinner is that day.  In addition there are sections for each child so you can keep track of that schedule as well (and your spouse's!)  These agendas come in a couple of different sizes and various colors.

Image from momAgenda

In addition to these wonderful day planners there are a number of other products that they offer such as journals, stationary, notepads, organizers, etc.  You can also download the agenda for your iPad.

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