Day by Day Style Ideas

I have an almost unhealthy appetite for style and etiquette books, especially anything that relates to the French (a girl can dream right?).  One book I have is A Year of Style by Frederic Fekkai.  In it he has  wonderful ideas on how to make each day more stylish and chic.  I have adapted some of these for those of us that are very busy.  I am going to challenge myself to try to do each of these items. 


  1. Treat yourself to a day planner that you’ll enjoy looking at everyday.
  2. Write thank you notes for all of the amazing holiday gifts you received.  Handwritten thank you notes are so much more chic and stylish.
  3. After all of the holiday delights treat your skin to a facial…it will revive you from all of the celebrations.
  4. Make hot chocolate the French way:  Break a Swiss chocolate bar in squares.  Melt them in a saucepan on low heat.  Add whole milk slowly while stirring.  Simmer gently for five minutes.  Whisk before serving.
  5. Start checking the sales for new winter boots and a new jacket.
  6. Nothing tastes better than making your own bread.  For an easy recipe please see my post on baguettes.
  7. Double check your sitting posture.  Make sure your feet are flat on the floor and your chin is pulled a little towards your neck.
  8. Call a friend you haven’t seen in awhile and head to lunch.
  9. Get an anti-cold-fingers paraffin manicure.  The heat from this treatment opens up your pores and encourages blood circulation.
  10. Start journaling.  Write down all of your goals, hopes, and accomplishments.
  11. Treat yourself to a self-tanning treatment.  During the winter blues it always helps to pretend you’ve just been to the beach.
  12. If you choose to wear a hat in the winter make sure it matches your coat or shoes.
  13. Make yourself one of my favorite coffee drinks, a café au lait.  Mix strong coffee and heated milk in a deep bowl, one-third coffee, two thirds milk. 
  14. Apply a drop of vitamin E to your skin before you moisturize to protect your face all day long from the drying effects of cold air and heat.
  15. If you happen to find yourself home alone one night splurge on a pajama party for yourself.  Pop in a classic movie, pop on your most comfortable pjs and take a tray of snacks up to your room to enjoy while you watch the movie.
  16. Devote a bit more time to your nails and spend one evening a week giving yourself a manicure, or treat yourself to a professional one!

  17. “How the wit brightens!  How the style refines!” ~ Alexander Pope
  18. When was the last time you bought a new mascara?  It only lasts for a few months so go ahead and get a new one.
  19. Spend an evening starting a new family album.  Find a couple of photographs worth displaying in special frames.
  20. How is your geography?  If you don’t know where Bombay it is time to find out!
  21. White sales are normally on right now, so get some new sheets in a warm color to remind you of the summer.
  22. Put your to-do list in a visible place.  As you cross off tasks you’ll see how much you get done.
  23. Wake up to wonderfully smooth hands by slathering them with a rich cream at night and sleeping in cotton gloves.
  24. Paint the inside of your closet a favorite color-or do as they do in province and upholster it in fabric.  It’s a hidden luxury that will make you smile every time you open the door.
  25. Try adding more veggies to your diet.  Swiss chard, kale, fennel, or squash are fun to try.
  26. Replace your watchband.  You’ll feel like you have a new watch for the New Year.
  27. Remember to quiet your mind and do some meditation or simply looking out the window for a few minutes.
  28. Take a day off: spend it with a new book, a cashmere throw, some hot herbal tea, and a crackling fire or candles.
  29. Lose winter weight: for one week, as soon as you wake up in the morning drink a tall glass of warm water with lemon juice.  Think of it as spring cleaning for your cells.
  30. Make sure you have chapstick in every jacket and purse you use during the winter.
  31. Exercise for at least an hour, no matter how you’re feeling.


  1. Prioritize, don’t try to accomplish too much at this time of year.
  2. If it isn’t essential, push off doing it until after the New Year.
  3. Contribute to charities that benefit needy children.
  4. Design your own greeting cards.
  5. Try this special holiday dessert: whole pears peeled, blanched, and browned in butter until lightly glazed.  Serve in a glass, with vanilla ice cream.
  6. “Everyone wants to be Cary Grant.  Even I want to be Cary Grant.” ~Cary Grant
  7. Brush up on your table manners, only use steel flatware with fish courses.
  8. Get a great gloss to add a layer of shine to your favorite lipstick.
  9. Don’t make any regretful mistakes at holiday parties by not drinking too much.
  10. Make papillote table decorations.  Cut 12 x 12 inch squares of crinkly paper in various colors.  Layer two squares and arrange three or four chocolates, marzipan, or candied fruits in the middle.  Roll into a tube then twist the ends. 
  11. Buy a cd of French singing legend Georges Brassens.  His warm baritone and laid-back guitar playing will put you in the mood for an easygoing evening with good friends.
  12. Try something new to serve to dinner on Christmas, maybe don’t serve turkey and instead serve beef or fish.
  13. Don’t let guests confuse you with the Christmas tree…try not to wear too much jewelry.
  14. Scour your local Chinatown to find unusual gifts and fun stocking stuffers.
  15. Tip the people to deliver packages to your house and also, don’t forget the mail and newspaper delivery people.
  16. Too much to do?  Don’t worry about everything at once and just concentrate on the next task on your list.
  17. Good hairbrushes are always a welcomed gift to receive.
  18. Fill his big winter boots with small gifts as the French do.
  19. Tip for a host: make sure that you talk to your guests about what interests them, not about what interests you.
  20. If you need to get ready for a party in a hurry do these three steps: 1.  Put your hair up, 2.  Paint your lips red, and 3. Put on your most fabulous earrings.
  21. Give a busy mother a huge bottle of bubble bath tied in a comfy towel.
  22. Instead of the normal eggnog, try serving warm red wine spiced with crème de cassis.
  23. Movie tickets always make fun, last-minute gifts.
  24. Open presents around , in the French tradition.  Let the kids stay up past their bedtime for the occasion.
  25. Merry Christmas!  Enjoy the day!
  26. Save a gift or two to open the day after Christmas, to draw out the season just a bit longer.
  27. “I know of only one duty, and that is to love.” ~Albert Camus
  28. If you are heading out for a party get in the mood early by listening to some fun music while you get ready.
  29. Though it’s cold and windy, walk with a large, easy stride.  You’ll stay warmer, look taller, and have more fun.  Don’t let the weather cramp your style.
  30. Repeat after me: “Appreciation, love, humor, and passion are the main ingredients of style.”
  31. Happy New Year!


  1. Time to start holiday shopping.  Why leave it to the last minute.
  2. Treat yourself to a pre-holiday aromatic deep cleansing facial at a new day spa.
  3. Tis’ the holidays so paint yourself a new red pout.
  4. “Wit is the only wall|Between us and the dark” ~Mark Van Doren
  5. Take a breather and slow down a bit.  You be more efficient.
  6. To start the next year off right, buy yourself a new day planner now.  Might as well get organized.
  7. Speaking of scheduling, if you are hosting a holiday get together make sure to get your invitations out early.
  8. Feeling a little blah…add a pop of color to your wardrobe.  Maybe a new scarf in a fun color?
  9. In the colder months, sunglasses protect your eyes from the wind.  Choose a pair with lenses in a light shade.
  10. If you want to guarantee a spring vacation book it right now, and buy the non-refundable tickets to you know you’ll go.
  11. Get a hands-free, cordless telephone with a headset.  Holding the receiver to your ear is so twentieth-century.
  12. Toss out your potpourri and get either scented wooden balls or mix your own fragrant oil diffuser.
  13. Buy an exotic cookbook and cook your way through it.
  14. Make an ordinary night at home more luxurious by snacking on caviar and sipping a great bubbly.
  15. Don’t hesitate to remove the designer labels from your garments.  Flaunting status symbols is not modern anymore.
  16. Keep a hand-softening cream next to your computer.  Massage your hands with cream while waiting for your computer to download information.
  17. To really make sure your hair is clean, run a comb through your hair after conditioning in the shower.
  18. Schedule a teeth-whitening session with your dentist.  It’s one of the most affordable and effective ways to brighten your face.
  19. Heating can real dehydrate you, so make sure to drink a glass of water as soon as you wake.
  20. Try to resist plucking your eyebrows between visits to your professional. 
  21. “A woman is closet to being naked when she is well-dressed.” ~ Coco Chanel
  22. Instead of wrapping your Christmas presents with traditional paper, try collecting different types of wrappings this year, such as posters, old maps, newspapers in different languages.
  23. Buy three lipsticks of the same color.  The first tube never leaves your dressing table, the second stays in your cosmetics bag, and the third travels with you in the car.
  24. Apply foundation evenly with a sponge or a brush, not with your fingers.  No exceptions. Period.
  25. If you don’t know when your passport expires it is time to check.
  26. Since the holidays can get stressful, begin preparing for it now by giving up caffeine and switching to herbal tea.
  27. Find a good salon-formula shampoo.  Your hair needs more pampering in winter, and the right product makes all the difference.
  28. Make your holiday greeting cards more chic by addressing them with a fountain pen.
  29. Never press your dinner guests to take seconds.  You are not their mom.
  30. Treat your feet to cashmere socks.  They will feel so good when you have your snow boots on.


1.      Organize your closet by complementary textures:  corduroy with flannel, twill with linen, and cashmere with wool.
2.      Every year you need a new white shirt.  Start searching for one now.
3.      Have a makeup lesson in a salon.  Get acquainted with some of the newest beauty products.
4.      Give up a little control.  Flexible people tend to be more stylish than those always in control.
5.      “Asking your mother-in-law to respect your privacy is fine – as long as the request is delivered by your husband.” ~ Judith Martin (Miss Manners)
6.      Add a few more jokes to your arsenal to tell friends and family.
7.      To ease the throbbing of a headache, rub half a lime over your forehead.
8.      “Baby a man when he is sick or has a hangover, but leave him alone when he is in a bad mood.” ~Mae West
9.      Try a new eye shadow to bring out your eyes.
10.  Check your houseplants to see if any of them need replaced.
11.  Avoid getting stiff hands from repetitive tasks by opening and closing them under water each time you wash them.
12.  Enjoy the weather while it lasts and have one more picnic with friends.  Have a French theme and serve grilled vegetables, poached salmon and tarte tatin (with apples that you just picked!)
13.  Resolve to build your self-esteem.  Don’t put yourself down, even in jest.
14.  “Dreams are necessary to live.” ~ Anais Nin
15.  Indulge in a hydrotherapy body polish.  It’s an invigorating shower message that exfoliates your skin to restore its natural glow.
16.  If you haven’t updated your scrapbook in a while, now is the time.
17.  When applying mascara, rotate your brush to separate and lengthen your lashes at the same time.
18.  No one likes show-offs.  So remember to stay humble.
19.  “Dare to be naïve.” ~Buckminster Fuller
20.  Are your nails breaking?  Your body may be telling you that you need more zinc, calcium, potassium, and vitamin C.
21.  A couple of times during the day, get up from your desk, stretch, message your neck, yawn.
22.  Have you ever noticed that a room without books is missing something?  Fill your home with beautiful books, and eventually you’ll get around to reading them.
23.  Pick an outfit in a magazine before you pick it from the rack.  Have an image in your mind of what you are looking for before you embark on your next shopping spree. 
24.  Try using hard-milled body soaps.  Get some lovely lavender ones that smell delightful!
25.  If your shoulder bag hangs past your hip, have a shoemaker shorten the strap.
26.  Instead of flowers, collect some great fallen leaves, and press them in a dictionary.
27.  If you like the natural summer highlights the Mother Nature gave you head to your hairdresser to keep them up.
28.  Send a package of small luxuries to friends who live far away.  With a little luck, they’ll get it in time for Christmas.
29.  Start stocking up on good champagne so you always have something to serve for last minute holiday get-togethers.
30.  Take a long walk while the weather is still good.
31.  Keep your cuticles in good condition by rubbing cuticle oil in them.  In a pinch you can also use lip balm.


1        "Does fashion matter?  Only if you are out of it."  - Kim Campbell
2        Buy yourself a new red lipstick to celebrate the soon arrival of fall
3        Mix up your workout routine and try something new.  Do you love yoga, try pilates.  Are you devoted to boot camp?  Try CrossFit. 
4        It is time to change in your fun summer nail polish for a nice classic for the fall.  And make sure to treat yourself to one of the IT shades for the fall season
5        Donate all of those summer best-sellers you won’t reread to a nursing home or a hospital
6        Red makes you more beautiful when you wake up, so go ahead and repaint your bedroom one of your favorite red shades.
7        Sign up for public speaking lessons:  “Proper words in proper places make the true definition of a style.”  Said Jonathan Swift.
8        If you want to keep your summer glow keep using a self-tanner
9        When was the last time you cleaned out your wallet?  Now is the time, and don’t forget to update those pictures.
10    “Beauty can pierce like pain.” – Thomas Mann
11    Meditate.  Five minutes a day is all you need to increase your self-esteem and self-confidence.
12    Fall is the time that all of the bestseller biographies and autobiographies come out.  Get the latest one so you can join in on the conversation at the next party.
13    Rub finishing cream in your hand before applying to your hair; finishing creams make great hand softeners.  A little goes a long way, so be conservative and repeat if needed.
14    All of your summer, colorful t-shirts need retired until next summer.
15    Have you kept your brows in shape over the summer?  If not, now is the time to get them cleaned up.
16    Look into the fall lecture series at your local library, museum, or theatre.
17    Don’t forget to moisturize your elbows.
18    Always buy the best shoes you can afford.
19    Don’t underestimate the power of tailoring.  Find someone in your neighborhood who can do alterations for you.
20    Put away your cowboy boots.  No one- not even a real cowboy – can pull of a sophisticated urban western look.
21    Time to clean out your closet and bring out your fall and winter clothes.
22    Break the lateness habit.  Arriving more than thirty minutes late to a party is not fashionable.
23    I hope you cleanout out those shoes when you were cleaning your closet.  If not, pitch two pairs of shoes you hardly wore last year to make room for some new winter ones.
24    Avoid the use of professional jargon in casual conversations.  Saying it all with simple words, that’s style.
25    Give your favorite fall boots a once over and see if they need resoling.
26    Upgrade your tweezers to professional grade, you’ll never go back!
27    Treat yourself to a new sweater in this season’s it color.
28    Support your community schools.  See if you can volunteer or make needed contributions.
29    Learning to let go and make funny faces at kids makes you an instant hit with the little ones!
30    Start thinking about Christmas and draft a list.  You don’t have to start shopping now, but it never hurts to have an idea of what you are looking out for.


1        Lavender is in-season right now, so grab some up at your local market or even in your garden if you have planted it.  Arrange the lavender in terra-cotta pots or old jars you have laying around.
2        Put on a colorful scarf to freshen up a casual summer outfit.
3        Treat your feet to a sea-salt pedicure to help remove dry skin and make sure you follow it up with a moisturizing foot lotion (and maybe get your husband to give you a nice massage as well!)
4        On a warm summer night put on some jazz.
5        To keep yourself cool put up your hair and let your neck get some air.  Buy a new fun hair accessory to help whisk that hair away!
6        Enjoy the “fruits” of the farmer’s market and buy a little extra to share with your friends.
7        Make sure to schedule a monthly appointment for eyebrow shaping.
8        Start thinking about what new handbag you would like to add to your collection.  Right now all of the new styles are out for your selection.
9        Clean your skin with a soft toner every morning to keep it blemish free all summer long.
10    So many colors pair well with white, try out bright yellows, deep greens, and brilliant blues!
11    Treat yourself to a facial and while you are at it, get a hair and scalp treatment too!  Since people tend to be more relaxed in the summer it is a great time for pampering sessions.
12    Learn to knit, it’s hip and you can do it almost anywhere.
13    Make a Mediterranean-inspired salad by combining thinly sliced pears, provolone, arugula, fresh mint, and basil.  Drizzle an olive oil and champagne vinaigrette on top.
14    Treat everyone in your house to a new toothbrush.
15    In the thick of summer crank the air conditioning, put in a holiday movie, and pretend as though it is the middle of winter.  Snuggle up with someone you love and enjoy a hot cocoa and night in.
16    Washing your skin too often can make it dry, itchy, or even oily.  Trust the natural chemistry of your skin to find its own balance.  Too much scrubbing is counterproductive.
17    If your hands get a bit puffy when they are warm place them in a bowl of cool water mixed with sea salt for five minutes.
18    When was the last time you bought new spices?  Go through your rack and see what needs tossed.
19    A straw colored rug on the floor makes any room feel like summer.  A woven straw handbag does the same thing for almost any outfit.
20    Relax by reading books about nature, history, and love.
21    Some places are to air-conditioned, so make sure you take along a scarf or wrap when you go out.
22    “Go to Paris and become a woman.” – Napoleon
23    Don’t wear a sunhat with your reading glasses.  It looks too frumpy.  If you like to read outdoors, instead in a smart pair of prescription sunglasses instead.
24    Figs are coming into season, so enjoy them by sipping some champagne and serving the figs with prosciutto.
25    Listen to Vivaldi in the morning while you stretch.
26    To make a Provencal specialty mix lavender tea with honey in homemade ice cream.
27    Smile when picking up the phone.  The caller will hear it in your voice.
28    Never interrupt when you are being flattered.
29    “I base most of my fashion taste on what doesn’t itch.” – Gilda Radner
30    Before going to bed make sure to put a rich cream on your feet and slip on some cotton socks so you wake up with moisturized toes.
31    Go back-to-school shopping with a niece or friend’s daughter and splurge on an outfit for her.


1        Think about getting a great wash-and-wear cut.  Use finishing creams and pomades to create shine and definition.
2        Try to only eat fresh, locally grown, organic fruits and vegetables for one week.  See how you feel.  If you see an improvement try switching completely.
3        Every once and a while it is perfectly fine to take a nap.
4        Host a blind wine-tasting party for beginners.
5        Find somewhere to string a hammock.
6        Match your pedicure polish to your toenail shape: square toenails are most elegant with darker polish.  On round toenails, classic reds look best.
7        The next time a friend has a birthday, treat her out to lunch and a manicure.  She will really enjoy the special treat!
8        Chill glasses for summer beverages.
9        To prevent your skin from drying out in the summer use a moisturizing shea butter soap.
10    Prepare your weekend bag on Thursday for a quick Friday getaway.  Tuck in some sachets.
11    Buy a big square piece of Provencal fabric to hem for an impromptu picnic cloth.
12    Ditch your powder blush for a creamy one, it will make you look younger.
13    Make Moroccan iced tea by mixing mint tea with orange juice.  Serve over ice.  Use orange slices as a garnish.
14    Bastille Day!  Hang paper lanterns in your patio and invite neighbors to a “Let-Them-Eat-Cake” after-dinner dance party.
15    To save time, slick your hair back with hair cream and put it in a ponytail when still damp.  You’ll look polished.
16    Use citronella candles as an insect repellent.
17    Make sure to keep your summer shoes looking good by polishing them.
18    Got a new haircut and hate it?  Don’t fret.  Change the color of your lipstick instead.  A brighter shade will bring out the character of your face and make the cut less important.
19    Instead of sending your friends an email, get some old postcards to send to them.  Everyone likes getting mail!
20    Improvise a summer film festival by inviting your friends to watch foreign films, documentaries, or art films.
21    Make Turkish-style grilled chicken marinated in yogurt and fresh cumin seeds.
22    Keep a pair of scissors in your glove compartment to cut wildflowers along the roadside. 
23    Grow basil in a pot all summer long by keeping it on a sunny windowsill and watering it often.
24    When the temperature rises, simplify, simplify.  You don’t have to get “dressed up” to have style.
25    Give a good look over your face and determine whether you need to change your moisturizer.
26    Workout barefoot occasionally to strengthen the small muscles in your feet.
27    Waxing is less painful when done regularly, so schedule monthly appointments all year long, not just in the warmer months.
28    Switch to clothes make of 80% linen and 20% cotton.  They will be wrinkle free and cooler.
29    If you can’t go away for a summer vacation, at least book a weekend package at a luxury resort and spa in your area.
30    If you do get a chance to get away, rent a fun sporty convertible (preferably red) to enjoy for the weekend.
31    Try using organic honey or even better stevia instead of sugar.


1                    Take your winter suits and jackets to be cleaned.  Once you pick them up store then until next year.
2                    Keep your heels nice by wearing a pair of driving shoes in the car.
3                    June is the best month for roses.  Buy a crystal vase tall enough for the long-stemmed beauties.
4                    Treat your dad or husband to a message for Father’s Day.
5                    Go for a hike, your get a different perspective when you are out in nature.
6                    If you have light hair, ask your colorist to add a few extra highlights for the summer months.
7                    Overtip for no special reason.  Always tip, even if you’re a guest.
8                    “The days that make us happy make us wise.”  {John Masefield}
9                    Pick some fresh mint and freeze in ice cubes for summer drinks.  If you can, plant some as well.  It winters even in cold weather climates and it is an amazing herb to add to dishes.
10                Call your parents and grandparents just to see how they are doing.
11                Move your tired and droopy houseplants into the garden to rejuvenate them.
12                Buy a fresh bottle of sunscreen.
13                If you have had any friends that recently got married have them over for dinner to show off their love.
14                Try a reiku message to revitalize your body and soul
15                This summer, try a new hobby that you have been interested in.
16                To help alleviate a hangover, soak in a tub of warm water scented with fennel, juniper, and rosemary oils.
17                Invest in a great pair of summer sandals.
18                Pick out a new pair of sunglasses.  Choose frames that have the opposite shape of your face.
19                When shopping for clothes, do it after a nice lunch when you are relaxed.  Shopping when tense never results in a happy purchase.
20                Treat a friend to a visit to the cosmetics counter and help her update her look.  It’s more fun than buying something for yourself.
21                Spend the day outside celebrating the summer solstice.
22                Cherries are in season: make a quick clafouti by combining 1 cup of sour cream, 1 cup ricotta cheese, ½ cup flour, 3 tablespoons sugar and 2 eggs.  Stir and pour into a pyrex pie dish.  Add 2 cups of pitted cherries.  Bake at 350 degrees F for 45 minutes.  Sprinkle sugar on top.  You can also try this with red and black berries.
23                Remember after washing your hands to push back your cuticles with cream.
24                After a shampoo, give your hair an instant wave by twisting it on top of your head, securing it with a barrette, and letting it dry in the sun.
25                “Punctuality is the politeness of kings.” {Louis XVIII)
26                Good moods are contagious.
27                Do you remember the last time you cleaned your jewelry and watch?  I didn’t think so, today is the day.
28                Make sure your car has a sun hat in it, that way you will always have one on hand.
29                Buy a pair of hoop earrings – they are so pretty with a summer dress and tan (and also make you look younger!)
30                If you haven’t changed out the photos on your mantel pull them down and switch them out.


1                    Does your wardrobe need a few updates this year?  Maybe think about adding a fun new pair of shoes or handbag.
2                    Challenge yourself by turning off the tv and reading instead…don’t worry the radio is OK to listen to.
3                    The next time you get a haircut, ask your stylist to show you a couple new ways to style it.
4                    Remember, Mother’s Day is coming up, don’t wait until the last minute to pick up a gift.
5                    Instead of spraying on perfume, a splash of cologne in an invigoration way to start the day.
6                    Today start off with a run before breakfast.  During your favorite song sing along to really get that oxygen flowing.
7                    Treat yourself to a pedicure every four weeks now through the end of summer.  Make sure to book them now, so you have that time set aside in advance.
8                    Overcome your self-consciousness once and for all: think of others and soon you’ll forget to think about yourself.
9                    “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”  {Eleanor Roosevelt}
10                Exfoliate your skin from head to toe when you shower today.
11                Before going out, reshape your hairstyle with a quick blowout.  Work a bit of styling spray through your hair, hang your head upside down, and blow on low heat.
12                If you are having problems sleeping try taking a bath with salt and lavender essence before bed.
13                Try not to wear black until the fall (you can make an exception for night events).
14                Place bunches of lilacs all over the house, especially right next to your bed.
15                “The most valuable of arts is the art of living.” {Cicero}
16                Give your hairbrush a clean up, soak it for a few minutes in a mixture of hot water and shampoo.  Then use a comb to clean it out.
17                If you need to scold a child, do it one-on-one and not infront of other adults.
18                If you are deficient of fat your hair, skin and nails will be dull and dry.  So splurge and put a little butter on your toast every once and a while, or better yet, slather on some avocado.
19                Sign up for an evening yoga class, it will be more relaxing than watching the evening news.
20                “Summerize” your table by purchasing some new straw or bamboo placemats.
21                Refrain from fidgeting.  Learn to keep your hand still when you are not doing anything.
22                Have some fun, try on a new summer lip gloss.
23                Switch out your everyday watch for a new fun colorful one.
24                It is time for some summer reading, start a book club with your friends and make sure you have a library card.
25                Practice posing for photographs in front of a mirror.  Look at your smile, do your eyes twinkle?
26                Remember to walk around the room every hour, better yet, pace while you talk on the phone.
27                Surprise a friend by sending them flowers today.
28                Start a new exercise regimen that encourages you to spend as much time as possible outside.
29                Drink more water.
30                Surprise your parents with movie tickets
31                Rinse your hair with lemon juice and water to make your hair shine.


1        As a quick meditation exercise, inhale deeply, smile, and close your eyes at the same time.  Slowly exhale.
2        Steam some pencil-thin asparagus spears and cover them with lemon, fresh-grated parmesan cheese, and black pepper.
3        A bare top in a warm, deep tone is glamorous for early spring evenings.  This would be a perfect way to try out the Pantone color of the year – honeysuckle. 
4        Leave the house dressed as if today were a special day.  You never know…spring is in the air.
5        Treat yourself to an at-home sea-salt body scrub or head to the spa for a seaweed wrap to remove toxins.
6        Make sure to wear sunscreen and a hat, even though it is the beginning of spring the sun it still intense.
7        “Mirrors should reflect a little before throwing back images.”  ~Jean Cocteau
8        Get ready for the April showers by upgrading your umbrella with a full-sized one in a fun color.
9        See a dermatologist to make sure your skin can be safely exposed to the sun.
10    Time for a little spring cleaning for yourself – have you seen the dentist lately?  If not, time to make an appointment.
11    Re-evaluate your fitness routine.  Try a new class or book a session with a personal trainer.  You can even try a new dvd from Netflix or OnDemand from your cable provider.
12    Gather all of the loose change in your house and donate it to a worthy charity.
13    Depending on where you live now is the time to put fresh, crisp cotton linens on your bed. 
14    Remember to drink tons of water, whether or not you are thirty.
15    Always apply styling products to towel-dried hair.  If the hair is too wet, the products will be diluted and less effective.
16    Always keep a full-sized umbrella in your car so you can arrive at destinations spotless and dry.
17    Devise a filing system to organize articles and photos you’ve been saving.
18    Don’t skimp on hosiery and stockings.  Cheap ones can really detract from your overall look.
19    Find a colorful raincoat to make April showers fun.
20    Have you changed your light bulbs from the traditional bulbs to energy efficient yet?  Now is the time to make the switch.
21    Take some time to write a letter to a friend you haven’t spoken to for a while.  I don’t know about you, but I love getting mail!
22    “Everyday I simplify something, because everyday I learn something.”  ~Coco Chanel
23    If you have a problem with blemishes, try using soap made with olive oil.  Savon de Marsilles soap uses olive oil which is both astringent and moisturizing.
24    Try a mud bath or facial mask to restore moisture to your skin.
25    Now is the time to switch to a lighter spring fragrance.
26    If you can’t get away, put on Caribbean music, mix up a mai tai, sit by a sunny window, and dream.
27    Treat yourself to a new fun accessory: a new spring purse in a fun color, new shoes or maybe both!
28    Give loved one a big hug today.
29    Peonies generally start showing up at the market at the end of April.  Buy as many bunches as you can and mass them in vases to put in your house.
30    Relax at the end of the day with a warm compress on your neck and shoulders.


1                    If you have the time today, pamper yourself with a salon blowout, otherwise spend 5 extra minutes doing your hair today – you’ll feel better!
2                    Sort through your lipsticks and throw out any you haven’t used in 12 months
3                    Make a list of Oscar winning films you would like to rent
4                    Apply a hair mask and keep it on as long as possible.  For some DIY recipes click here.
5                    Be selfish, today do something just for yourself – and if this goes well try it for a week, a month, (you get the point).
6                    Be generous, today do something for someone else, and continue like above if you can
7                    Commit to memory one good joke to be able to tell
8                    Buy a couple bunches of your favorite flowers to put in a large bouquet to put in a place where you can see it the most
9                    Give yourself a home facial by holding your face over a large bowl containing hot chamomile tea.  Steam for five minutes, pat your face dray, let it cool before applying moisturizing cream.  For another DIY recipe click here.
10                If you are thinking of a new hairstyle, start pulling pictures from magazines
11                Put lavender sachets under your pillows during the day.  You’ll sleep better, and everything will smell clean fresh, and summery
12                Give your brows a checkup, do you need to pick a few stray hairs to do you need to schedule an appointment to get them groomed?
13                Wake up 20 minutes early to enjoy a cup of coffee with a few pages of your favorite book.
14                Bad hair day?  Try wearing a satin, leather or velvet barrette in your hair.
15                Perfect a signature dish.  Preparing it over and over every time you entertain.  Once you can do it with your eyes closed, take on a new one.
16                Buy a new set of makeup brushes
17                For instant style, combine a classic bottom with a more fashionable top.
18                Go for a drive and pop your favorite music in the cd player.  Let’s just hope it isn’t children’s music.
19                Try a day of being overly kind to people.  See if that kindness comes back to you.
20                Review your cell phone use manners – you don’t want to be THAT person
21                To celebrate the official end of winter, give your body a friendly wake-up call:  take a shower that’s slightly colder than usual, then dry yourself in a warm fluffy towel. 
22                Dry clean your winter sweaters or give them a wash up at home and store for the summer.
23                Clean your closet by packing up those very trendy pieces of clothing you hardly wore last season and give them to the Salvation Army or Goodwill.  Also turn all of your hangers the opposite direction, when you put something back turn the hanger right side so next year when you clean your closet you know what you did and didn’t wear.
24                Revisit the paintings of Paul Cezanne, a native of Aix who immortalized the colors of Provence in his work.  Create your own bowl-of-fruit still-life centerpiece.
25                Take a look at your hairbrush.  If the bristles are worn on the ends, it’s time for a new one.  And a new brush feels great on the scalp.
26                Clean up any winter sports gear and store away for the summer
27                Buy a few good classic items for your wardrobe, of the best quality you can afford.  Sterling favorites: straight black pants, a cardigan, driving moccasins.  Wear them with a ponytail.
28                Even on casual days, iron your khakis and t-shirts for quiet elegance.
29                Throw out any creams that over-promised and never performed.  Get back to basics.
30                Take a mental vacation; see if you can go without speaking for at least a half an hour. 
31                Don’t judge people by their relatives

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  1. I love these little daily tips! It would make me feel so positive just being able to tick something off a list each day!


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