There are so many useful websites and apps out there how is one supposed to find them all?!?!  Here are some that I have come across that sound interesting.  Some of them I go to often for help, others I haven’t, but have bookmarked them as they might be useful in the future.  Do you have any that you can’t live without?



A website that offers special pricing for items provided by lesser known retailers.  All items start out with a certain price, however this has a group buy mentality, so the more people buy, the lesser the end price becomes. 

Breakfast At Mom’s receives a referral bonus if you register using this website;  www.jasmere.com/r/7777dbab

This blog takes room décor items and finds sources for these items at more reasonable prices.

This website allows you to type in the item you are looking to buy on ebay and your zip code to filter items for sale in your area.

This web-browser add-on provides a notification for you when you are searching or looking for an item online to purchase and gives you the lowest real-time price and website that you can purchase it at.

Input your shopping list in their membership based website and coupons for some of the items will be provided.  After selecting the coupons you want to use, print off your list with the coupons and head to the store.  There is a guaranteed monthly savings that if not reached, the next month’s membership fee will be waived.  


This hotel website specialized in finding deals at more boutique, unique hotels. 


Do you often see images of interiors that you wish you could scrapbook?  This website allows you to review over 90,000 images that you can put in your own ideabook.


This website has the company phone numbers for a number of businesses and directs you how to get a live person on the other end as quickly as possible.  It also provides an average wait time.  There is also an iPhone app available for free from the AppStore3

Another website to help one navigate the menu options for toll free numbers to get the right agent every time by connecting the call center to their website.  There is also an app that is available for free at the AppStore.

In this website you search or type in a toll free number that you want to dial, then you leave a contact number for you to be reached at, LucyPhone then sets up the call for you so you don’t need to wait on hold.  Signing up is free.  Apps are also available for iPhone and Android.



A useful website that helps you organize meals for friends who can’t cook for themselves (for example: recent birth, surgery, death in the family, etc.)

If you have a lot of errands to run and not sure what the best order to run them is, then consult this website which will provide the best route for you.  An iPhone and iPad app is available as well



Get coupons and special savings from over 15,000 merchants on your smartphone.  Free at the AppStore or from http://www.getyowza.com/

Discounts and coupons from major retailers are now available on your smartphone.  Free at the AppStore or from http://www.couponsherpa.com/


Lost in the mall?  Need a restroom?  Need an elevator?  This app has over 1,000 free mall maps that can be downloaded (and even an interactive mode) to your phone.  Free at the AppStore or http://www.fastmall.com/


This application identifies where you are and provides you with information regarding what is around you, be it an ATM, supermarket, theatres, restaurants, gas stations, bars, hospitals, hotels, etc. Free at the AppStore

This app helps track your flight, hotel, and car reservations.  You can also search for airfare, hotels, etc.  The app also has a currency converter and weather tracker.  Free from the AppStore and also available for Android and Blackberry.


This app has GPS feature that remembers where you left your car and has timers to help you remember if you need to feed a meter.  $4.99 in the AppStore

This app uses your phones GPS signal to provide a list of physicians, pharmacies, hospitals, and urgent care centers in your area.  Free from http://www.itriagehealth.com/ or in the AppStore, and also available for Android, Palm App, and will soon be available for Blackberry.


No Time To Cook

Real Simple’s app for easy, quick dinner ideas.  Grocery lists are even provided.  $2.99 available at the AppStore or at http://www.realsimple.com/


This application allows you to remember to take you medications, vitamins, etc. on time.  Available in the AppStore and it is free!

The Weather Channel

This app has current, hourly, 36 hour, and 10 day forecasts for your city and you can program up to 10 cities.  This is available for free at the AppStore, on Blackberry, or at http://www.weather.com/

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