Monday, April 18, 2011


Earth Day is this week and many people have now started calling the week Earth Week.  I love the idea of celebrating our earth for a longer period of time, and hope that soon enough it will be Earth Month, and then Earth Year and that everyday will be Earth Day! 

In honor of the week I wanted to highlight composting.  This is something that everyone can do, you don't need a lot of space so it could even work for apartment dwellers. 

Here are some tips for composting:

1.  Pick a site that is convenient and close - that way you'll do it more often.

2.  Work with what you got - you can start with composting pesticide free yard waste and then add in kitchen scraps.

3.  Don't compost meat products or any fats.

4.  Instead of recycling your newspaper just shred it and add it to your compost pile.  Less for the recycling center to have to process.

5.  Coffee grounds are terrific for your compost - and worms love them!

6.  To speed up your compost keep it in the sun.

7.  Finished compost can be soaked to make Compost Tea which can be used to water plants and provide even more nutrients to them.

8.  To speed up your compost mix turn it every couple of weeks so it gets more air.

9.  Adding worms to your compost will also help it get started quicker.

10.  To get great compost aim for a large heap of small matter.

For more information on composting see these sites:,,

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