Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Home Schedules

As a new year approaches it is time to get a new calendar.  Personally I am partial to having a hard copy calendar with my momAgenda.  However I know that some people like having electronic versions and there are some calendars out there that the whole family can sync with. 

  • There are calendars for each family member and one for the whole family
  • You can color code your calendar for each family member
  • Text and email reminders are available
  • Syncs to Outlook
  • Mobile, smart phone, and tablet access
  • Also includes shopping and to-do lists, family journals, etc...
  • Free

  • Calendars to each category (people, events, etc.)
  • Color code each person, coding appears in all views
  • Email and text reminders to the account user only
  • Soon to sync with Outlook and iCal
  • View-only mobile access
  • Can create "sticky" notes, lists, can create a personalized homepage, send/receive paperless faxes
  • Free

  • A calendar for each family member, plus project
  • Each calendar gets its own color
  • Email reminders to account user only
  • Subscribes to iCal, Google, and Outlook calendars
  • Mobile access and tablet and smart phone apps are coming soon
  • Can search events, set due dates, can send notifications for tasks
  • $10/month

  • A calendar for each family member but additional categories
  • Color coding by person or event type
  • Any family member can receive text, email, or pop-up reminders
  • Syncs with Outlook, can import from .csv or .ics files or Google Calendar, subscribe to iCal
  • Mobile access
  • Tag events for easy searching, color codes and reminders for chores, create a family blog
  • Free

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