Thursday, December 1, 2011

Christmas Round-Up

As I have done with the other holidays, I am going to highlight some terrific Christmas ideas I have found online.  Here are this week's great finds!

Wrap 24 Christmas books that you already own and let your kids pick one book out a day that they can read.  How exciting would it be to unwrap a present everyday!  I am definitely going to do this, however I don't have enough Christmas books, so I guess I will just wrap up some other books that we have as well.

Katherine Marie Photography via Pinterest

A garland made from ornaments is a nice contrast to the traditional pine garlands.  You could do it in just blues and whites if you wanted to decorate for Hanukkah.

Pretty-Quirky via Pinterest

Last year homemade marshmallows were all over the place, and I never got a chance to make them.  This year I am going to try this recipe from Martha Stewart.  The marshmallows just look so beautiful.

Martha Stewart via Pinterest

If you are going to a holiday cookie exchange these would be perfect to take along to share.  Here is the recipe.

BHG via Pinterest

If you haven't decided what type of holiday card you want to send these might be fun to try. 

Meet the Dubiens via Pinterest

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