Monday, February 6, 2012

Happy Birthday To Me!

Yesterday Breakfast At Mom's turned ONE!  I am excited to be celebrating one year of this blog and these are the cakes I would love to indulge in for such an event!

I was inspired to start this blog by reading Matchbook Magazine and also by talking with a friend.  I enjoy my job as being a full time mom and wife and thought it would be fun to show others how to take a job that doesn't always have the most glamorous rep and try to put a charming, fun spin on it.  This isn't a Mom blog, instead I try to find ways to make the day to day in my life and yours more delightful!

Uploaded by User via Breakfast At Mom's via Pinterest

The Cake That Ate Paris via Breakfast At Mom's via Pinterest

Bing via Breakfast At Mom's via Pinterest

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