Thursday, September 15, 2011

Wipes, Mommy, Mess

This is what I heard from my little one when i rushed into her room yesterday towards the end of her nap.  I saw a mysterious spot on her bed from the monitor as I was doing dishes and I zipped up to her room in no time.  Yes, she needed wipes, she had made a mess.  My little one had dug into her diaper and flung it around her bed, with bits on the floor. 

What to do...first I pleaded with her to stay in the one corner of her crib until I came back, and please, please, please don't move!  I then sprang into action, getting ready to clean up.  After making a few mistakes in my readiness to clean, I think I have figured out the steps in case this happens again.

1.  Tie back your hair (you don't want it in your face as you hose down the offender!)

2.  Grab any items needed for a bath, diaper, onesie, towel and at least TWO washcloths and put them in the bathroom.  Make sure you have a trash bin close by.  Also, if you have an old plastic bag from the grocery make sure it is handy too.

3.  Take the child (clothes and all) in the bathroom and place in an empty tub.  Make sure to shut the bedroom door, you don't want any pets in there adding to the mess!

4.  Peel the clothes and diaper off of the offender, placing the diaper in the trash and the soiled clothes in the plastic bag and tie off.

5.  Run some water in the tub and use one washcloth to start rinsing the child. 

6.  Once the bits and bobs have been removed, wipe out tub with cleaning wipes (if handy) and then run a bath for the babe.

7.  Once done bathing and dressing, place the child in a safe place and turn on the tv (we only allow tv in emergencies right now, and believe me, this is one!). 

8.  Proceed to clean the bed and begin laundering the linens.  I found it easier to do a preliminary wipe down of the bed first, then pull off the linens - but it is going to depend on the mess you have!

9.  Once everything is clean, enjoy a treat for yourself!


1 comment:

  1. oh my goodness gracious you poor thing! it certainly sounds like you have a bang on approach for any future mishaps and i will add this would be a solid plan for a little puke-er-roo too because that is almost certain to happen at some point down the line as well :-)sadly the tough part comes in when they're still getting sick and you're trying to clean simultaneously and there's only so many hands!


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