Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Household Perfection - Tip 1

A few years ago Domino magazine had an article about the superrich's household tips.  I have implemented a number of these in my home and surprisingly they aren't as costly as you might think.  Over the next couple of weeks I plan to share these tips with all of you - in case you never saw the original article.

Tip #1

Have pencils and notepads next to each phone and also in the car. 

When we moved into our first home a few years ago I did implement this tip.  I even one-uped it.  We have personalized notepads and pencils at every phone and also on each bedside table in the house.  They provide a nice little finishing in each room. 

Here are some resources for notepads and pencils:


Vistaprint has various notepad styles that can be personalized.

I really like the colorful notepads at Stationary Studio, and they even come in different sizes.  (Sorry, I couldn't pull images off their site.)

Write-On Pencils has some great options.

Write-On Pencils

Pencils and More

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